Tuesday, 23 October 2012

How to use IDM for lifetime | Fix IDM 30 Day Registry Fail


If you have already used IDM Downloader then will you have seen that IDM Registry fails after 30 days.

How to use IDM for Lifetime

1) Install the IDM Downloader in your pc. If you have already installed it then leave this step.

~ Disable Antivirus for a while because below given patch is a virus !!! It won't harm your computer.

2) Download My Patch and install it as shown below.

3) Paste the patch in C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager and Double Click on it

5) Click on patch.

Updated on 31/12/2012

- If you get this error then do as shown below. If not, then proceed to step 6

- Do as shown below

- Right Click on IDM and Click Exit

6) Enter "First Name" and "Second Name" and press "OK".

7) You will see a message - "Patching Successful".

Now you can use IDM for Lifetime.

If you have any doubt then comment below........

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